People Putin Pays: Cassandra Rules

This is Cassandra Fairbanks

She’s an opportunist, who was used to gain followers by promoting Bernie and BLM and then her objective was to steer them to Trump after the primaries. She now works in the White House, with another Kremlin Troll Jack Posobiec.

“There are many American individuals who are actual Kremlin assets, AKA agents of influence. This includes people who have either been blackmailed into becoming agents of influence or have accepted cash payment in return for turning their loyalties against the United States, or their country of citizenship. In any case, these individuals are AWARE that they are working on behalf of the Russian government.” -(

What they do is lead followers down certain paths that are favorable to Russia. More on this in other posts.

This is how Russia found her

(Note: This does not mean that Mensch is not an agent of influence for Russia. She has gained credibility by reporting other’s work as her own and mixing in outlandish conspiracy theories that do no come to pass. More on her later.)


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