Louise Mensch

Some of the left on twitter is being steered away from trusting the MSM by one of Rupert Murdoch’s employees.  She is an far right blogger who used to write for a Murdoch owned UK version of Brietbart and there are articles about how she mysteriously have 10s of 1000s of ‘bot’ followers against her will in 2011.  Before she took on role assignment she deleted 1000s of her far right tweets.  In 2006 under her maiden name she was apparently paid by Russia to write novels romanticizing the ‘glory’ of Soviet Russia.  This already shows she is potentially an opportunist.  Right wing opportunists are frequently targeted by Russia.

Believe it or not, Russia does invest in literature with pro-Russia bents and even art galleries and require them to have Russian sympathies.  This is known as ‘soft power.’  My theory is that she attaches herself to anti-Trump figures who have sources inside the intelligence community but mixes in far-fetched outcomes and conspiracies with their scoops in her own reporting.  She is somewhat exposed here. She is married to the tour manager of Metallica who’s front man frequents Moscow for hunting is also Right Wing.

She may just be British and therefore make leaps and assumptions about democracy, courts, due process etc., that cause her to be in error.  And she may just over hype events as having more significance than they do.  And I don’t disagree that much of the GOP may be paid for by Koch and Russian money and investigated by Evan McMullin.  But the psychological effect on many is that they do not feel urgency to express dissent because they feel like Trump will be arrested any moment.  Widespread dissent through demonstrations and activism’s is Putin and Trump’s biggest fears.  Putin’s puppet in Ukraine was overthrown by the people.

One could argue that if you take the Russian Doctrine of Military Techniques and Reflexive Control, you could apply it to the information cyber war and you’d have their strategy playbook.

Like war, so in cyber war:

Reflexive Control
Writing in the journal Voennaia mysl’ [Military Thought], Komov supported Ionov’s emphasis on reflexive control. He renamed reflexive control over the enemy as
 “intellectual” methods of information warfare. He then listed the basic elements of an intellectual approach to information warfare, which he described as:

Distraction self explanatory.

Overload by frequently sending the enemy a large amount of conflicting information;

Paralysis  by creating the perception of a specific threat to a vital interest or weak spot;

Exhaustion by compelling the enemy to carry out useless operations, thereby entering combat with reduced resources;

Deception by forcing the enemy to reallocate forces to a threatened region during the preparatory stages of combat operations;

Division by convincing the enemy that he must operate in opposition to coalition interests;

Pacification by leading the enemy to believe that pre-planned operational training is occurring rather than offensive preparations, thus reducing his vigilance;

Sound Familiar?

Never trust a voice that opposes demonstrating or calling your congress. Which she did when she referred to it as actions of Team Deza, (Russian for disinformation.)

There is one more technique, however it is more directed at the Putin is the Antichrist types, which can be defeatist.  We must resist, even the Antichrist, not give in to inevitability.

Deterrence by creating the perception of insurmountable superiority


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