Disproving ‘No Russian Ties’

Russia is a “mafia state” where the government’s infrastructure has power over organized crime enterprises and uses them as a resource.
Have You Heard Of Felix Sater? Bayrock bank? You will once the Grand Jury is done.

Trump was already caught once with Bayrock and Russian Underworld monies to build Trump SOHO.



it’s all just a billion dollar scam: collusion, money laundering, tax credits, leveraging real estate for low interest loans
then insurance fraud, bankruptcy, non-payment to vendors/contractors… no wonder no US institutions would lend to him.
Trump used losses to his personal gain aka Net Operating Loss (N.O.L) so that he could offset personal income taxes for 20 yrs
Also, his “losses” were paper ones based on loans he received. When he renegotiated the debt he didn’t pay taxes on the gains.
So the buildings are just a front/cover for laundering of cash?


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