How Putin Rebuilt Trump

Finanical Times Expose Mafia Ties

(Behind a Paywall

Suffice to say Russian money was used to make Trump appear wealthy, as well as laundered for Russian Government controlled Mafia:

Mark Burnett is a co-conspirator, part of the grand plot to groom him for president & ally of Putin.  Why?  He is afraid of “Christian Genocide” and sees Putin as an ally in this.

Burnett was working with Putin in 2001 for ‘Destination Mir.” See this Times Article

In 2004 Burnett then starts Celebrity Apprentice:

Without “Apprentice”–no fame for Trump, no licensing deals, no presidency.

This was image rehab, propaganda.  Voters under thirty didn’t see the Lifestyles of Rich and Famous Trump that was on before many bankruptcies and mafia ties tarnished his name.

This could be why Braun, editor for The Apprentice said they were told to, “‘Make Trump..look wealthy, legitimate.’

They set out to control an $18,000,000,000,000 economy of course it was well-planned and executed.

How dirty overseas money flowed into Trump and eventually into his presidential campaign:

If anyone wants to make a movie about how the Russians groomed Trump into becoming their puppet, here’s a storyboard


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