TrumpRussia Investigation

This is Seth Abramson’s 200 tweet Thread on Trump Tower Moscow and how it sits at the heart the Trump-Russia scandal. This thread reveals the REAL story behind it. Please share widely.

This is what Mueller is digging into in part.  I still believe Trump was turned and toward Russian interest but his first wife and that’s part of what lead to this and why he psychologically tormenting Americans and radicalizing his base to anti-democracy illiberal bents.

On February 2, 2017, Kremlin agent and Trump pal Aras Agalarov announced the Trump Tower Moscow project was dead.
In announcing the project’s end, Russian media confirmed that the project had begun in 2013, and that there was only ever ONE project.
Agalarov did NOT announce the end of the project in June 2015, when Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States.
Nor could he have done so, as we now know, from Washington Post reporting, that the project was alive and active in both 2015 and 2016.
Just to underscore this: Trump was working on a real estate deal with a KNOWN Kremlin agent for SEVEN MONTHS while running for president.
And Agalarov didn’t claim the project had died simply because Trump had been elected president—but because Trump “couldn’t do any deals.”
Recall that—by Trump’s own public admission—as late as Election Day he did not believe he would win the presidency of the United States.
Trump thought that—on November 9, 2016—he’d return to being a non-politician private citizen free to do big international business deals.
So all of Trump’s historically pro-Russia foreign policy was developed at a time he thought he was making a pitch for Trump Tower Moscow.
To reverse his policy positions in office would be to admit that they’d not been formulated with U.S. interests in mind—a sad catch-22.
Recall now that—when he DID win on November 8—Trump for weeks resisted ANY attempt to shut down his business dealings at home or abroad.
He STILL hasn’t divested himself of his business interests in conformance with our Constitution, precedent, or federal ethics watchdogs.
So Agalarov waiting 85 DAYS after Trump’s election as president to announce the end of the Trump Tower Moscow project is no coincidence. Continue reading “TrumpRussia Investigation”


Trump was thinking of running in ’99

I’m digging into old articles. Trump in this Howard Stern appearance was promoting himself as running for Prez and running exploratory campaigns. What if this was part of an image campaign as an influence agent from Russia? We know from AJ Benza that Trump was obsessed with keeping a certain image in the spotlight. He was trading b list gossip for favorable coverage.

This excellent Trump Russia Timeline shows us Russians moved into Trump Tower in 98. Right after the Russian Economy tanked. I think this is the time we look for him to become Russian property. Collusion with Russia on the election may be hard to prove other than Bannon and Info Wars and Wikileaks stuff. Can Mueller dig into where they turned him taught him psychological warfare with the intent of making the leader of the free world in America, a buffoon not to be taken seriously? Could their puppet revive the civil war? Russia could not afford to declare war on us. They could make us fight ourselves. The Facebook propaganda campaigns are real, people are dealing with a force stronger than themselves, Information Warfare that does actual psychological damage and radicalizes them.

Another interesting doc:
The news that Donald Trump and Marla Maples had separated came as no surprise to those who’ve followed The Donald. But perusing our file on the developer, we came across something that did shock us: Trump once actually fretted that he might one day “tarnish his family’s name.”

This FBI report details Trump’s concerns about building a casino in Atlantic City, specifically his fear that he could be exposed to organized crime figures. But the ballsy billionaire still wanted to help the bureau, even offering to place undercover agents into his operation. What a guy!

Note: The unnamed source referred to in this document is the late Danny Sullivan, a Mafia associate (and longtime FBI informant) who once worked for Trump as a labor consultant. Also, here’s an acronym sampler: SAC (Special Agent In Charge); LCN (La Cosa Nostra); DGE (Division of Gaming Enforcement, a New Jersey regulatory agency). (4 pages)

Imagine the Feds have quite a file going back to 98.

Charlottesville & Russian influence, & ops, in the US

Molly McKew: Thread on the Future

This great thread needs to be read and considered. Posting here to get it out there further and in to this blog’s audience, though I would think you already follow her if you are here..

Trump thinks he is invincible what could his plan be?

Russia on the Information War

Pavel Salin is director of the Center for Political Studies at the Financial University under the Russian Government.  This is translated from Russia, and gives their perspective on the information war they are still waging on many countries including the US.


Pavel Salin: Russia has dealt a serious blow to the image of the United States
Information details about Russia and how to properly respond to the expansion of the NATO bloc were given by Pavel Salin, director of the Center for Political Studies at the Financial University.

– Today we are talking about the West’s growing information war versus Russia. Do you agree with this and can you name the date of the beginning of this war?

– Yes, I think that the whole statement is correct. And it all began in 2014, after the Crimea joined Russia. Because the General Staff of the West identifies itself primarily with NATO, that is, a Western military machine with which the Russian military machine has to deal.

It so happened that not even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and after the collapse of the Warsaw Treaty Organization, the NATO bloc actually lost the meaning of its existence. At one time they united against the Soviet threat, and now, when there is no Soviet bloc, the question arises, why NATO is needed.

All the 1990s, he was “hanging” in the air, in the zero years the North Atlantic alliance tried to find new impulses in the fight against terrorism, but it did not work out. NATO operations to eliminate terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan have practically failed, and from the beginning of 2010 an urgent issue has arisen again.

And then, in 2014, the Crimea joined Russia, which was a serious slap in the face to the West, and NATO again gained the meaning of its existence. Now they are a bloc that guarantees protection against potential “Russian aggression” to its members, in particular, the Baltic countries and potential partners. That is, Russia by its actions has given NATO the meaning of existence.

As for the information war, it is clear that now the new era is information, and the theater of military operations is moving more and more into virtual space.

Now opponents are not measured in who has more “hardware”, but in who can take what measures in the information space. Naturally, if a “hot” war is an irreversible event, then an information war can be carried out with much less risks. And if psychological barriers to us in order to unleash a “hot” war are high enough for us, then in information wars this level is much lower. Continue reading “Russia on the Information War”

Translated from Russian

Grain of Salt, because from Pravda site, but their perspective is telling.  Trump is theirs, not ours.   He is restrained only by Congress.



“Big deal” Putin-Trump: Donbass in exchange for sanctions

Poroshenko summoned to “lookout” in Washington

In the morning on Monday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko went to America on an official visit. This was reported by his press secretary Svyatoslav Tsegolko . The program “look” of the Ukrainian leader in Washington is extensive: in addition to meeting with US President Donald Trump , she includes talks with the head of the State Department Rex Tillerson and vice-president Michael Pence .

According to analysts, Poroshenko was called “on the carpet” so that Trump could personally clarify the situation in Ukraine before talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the margins of the G20 summit in Hamburg in July. There are signs that the US is going to offer Russia a “big bargain”, which will include the Ukrainian question.

The following facts speak about the preparation for exchange. Continue reading “Translated from Russian”

Session & Fridman & Alfa Bank

Some of these tag Louise Mensch, this was before we knew she was.. whatever she is.