Mueller Will Question Parscale


Mueller’s Team: Flipping Flynn

Lots of talk of Flynn flipping. If he did to FBI or EDVA Grand Jury, we wouldn’t know.

Why would Flynn talk?

Healthcare & Russian Oligarchs

3.3.Mikhail Fridman “is closely tied into the Muscovite Solntsevo (Solntsevskaya) Organization

4.Russia’s largest and most powerful organized crime associations, via funding from AlfaBank and Group.

5.Fridman is one of the key people in Russia’s Alfa Group, along with Pyotr Aven. Aven being a close personal friend of Vladimir Putin

6..Alfa Group is now involved in transporting drugs from Southeast Asia through Russia into Europe.

9.Fridman co-founded the international investment company LetterOne.

10.Advisers to LetterOne’s board include Richard Burt.
Richard Burt advised Donald Trump on foreign policy and wrote his April speech.

10a)Richard Burt has also advised Gazprom and sits on the board in AlfaBank.

11.A server at the Trump Organization communicated secretively with Russias Alfa Bank as is well reported.

Russians are looking to take over US healthcare market. If they’re heavily invested, that explains the Repu’bs actions. They could be shorting, too. Something’s definitely off about the AHCA.

This article is from a year ago but it is still relevant today.

Mikhail Fridman cashed out of his Russian oil venture near the top of the market and moved to London to build an empire in calmer climes. Then Brexit struck, reinforcing his determination to keep heading west.

With Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and sanctions over Ukraine muddying the investment waters from Moscow to Glasgow, Fridman and his three fellow Alfa Group billionaires are looking across the Atlantic and see a clear stream of profit in ever-higher spending on health care. With two Washington insiders in tow to help navigate the terrain, the Russians are preparing to invest as much as $3 billion in the industry over three years, starting in the U.S., where it accounts for almost a fifth of the economy.

“There are signals of a major tectonic shift in economic development happening before our eyes,” Fridman said in an interview in London.

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Jeff Sessions Hidden Russian Connection

From Jeff Sessions hidden Russian connection has been found.
Written by:thetrumpwatchdog
Posted on:
June 17, 2017

Jeff Sessions has testified about the Russia Investigation and his meetings with Ambassador Kislyak, which some claim is a normal move for people on the intelligence committee, except for a story from Vox which claimed that nobody else on the committee had done the same.

Sessions met with Ambassador Kislyak, widely known as being the top spymaster in the United States, at least twice. We also know that he made several trips to Russia in the 80s as part of a Church Group. Was that Church Group infiltrated by Russian intelligence, as this has been a normal function of the KGB/FSB for decades? It’s not a secret that Putin’s fake religiosity appeals to the religious right.

What nobody seems to be reporting is that Jeff Sessions is tied to one Dr. Ed Lozansky.

As Grant Stern and I have already covered in our ten part deep dive into the Lozanskyverse, Ed Lozansky is the man dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s to make Trump Russia happen.

Lozansky claims that he has held World Russia Forums since 1981, but he is stretching the truth. He supposedly held meetings as part of the Sakharov Institute from 1981 to 1986, but I have only been able to find proof of one such meeting, held at the Hoover Institute in 1984. It was at this meeting where Lozansky is credited with founding the Center for Democracy. Other people involved in the creation of the Center told me that he had nothing to do with it besides providing a location to have a meeting about it. Paul Manafort was also on the board of the Center. He just used it as padding for his resume, which seems to become a pattern throughout his life.

The World Russia Forum was not officially created until the year 2000 which is when it all gets very interesting.

Ed Lozansky and Russia House partnered with the Russian State owned news organization to create the “World Russia Forum” in 2000. What else happened during this time frame? Well, we know that Rupert Murdoch held a “Global Forum 2000” on 4/25, with Putin and Trump friend Hendy Kissinger. We also know that Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Clinton, and Pataki were on hand for the Second World Congress. Donald Trump was in New York on 4/29/2000, but was Putin?

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Trump’s Casino Money Laundering

Trump Tower Money Laundering Ring

I am not direct linking the next three so that the links can be clicked inside this blog:

Trump lied under oath he met Sater-the Russian-born Mafia-linked Bayrock exec who secured millions for Trump’s projects:

One of the most underreported stories: How Russian money powered Trump’s financial comeback, helped him win the White House


Tax fraud case NY AG greenlighted notes that Trump did not report tens of millions he got from Bayrock on his tax returns.  Big reason Trump denies ties to Sater: In July, he, kids were named in $250 million tax fraud scam.


Trump’s Russia Ties

One of the most underreported stories: How Russian money powered Trump’s financial comeback, helped him win the White House.

Felix Sater started funneling Russian money to Trump in 2000-when US banks stopped loaning to Trump.

Bayrock, headed by Russian mobster Sater and former Soviet official, Arif pumped hundreds of millions into Trump.“-@Khannoiseur

Associated Press  Donald Trump tapped a man to be a senior business adviser to his real-estate empire even after the man’s past involvement in a major mafia-linked stock fraud scheme had become publicly known, according to Associated Press interviews and a review of court records.

We are all tired of learning Russian names on Rachel Maddow, but for Trump SoHo, there are three we need to know, that might be huge to understanding the rise of Trump, the Putin Puppet. They are Felix Sater, Tevfik Arif and Tamir Sapir

From “Washington Monthly

“Mr. Sater, a Russian immigrant, had recently joined Bayrock at the behest of its founder, Tevfik Arif, a former Soviet-era commerce official originally from Kazakhstan. Bayrock, which was developing commercial properties in Brooklyn, proposed that Mr. Trump license his name to hotel projects in Florida, Arizona and New York, including Trump SoHo.

Tevfik Arif

Sater was hired by Tevfik Arif who is originally from the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Kazakhstan. During the Soviet Era, he worked for seventeen years in Moscow for the Ministry of Commerce and Trade. He quit that job in 1991 as the USSR was dissolving and caught quite a break. Somehow he was able to parlay his experience (which focused mainly on hotel management) at the Commerce and Trade Ministry into ownership of the Speciality Chemicals Trading Company, “an export-import business trading in rare metals, chrome, and raw materials.” Shortly thereafter, once Kazakhstan gained it’s independence from Russia, he took over ACCP, a chromium plant in Aktobe.

From there, he took his riches and built a hotel in Antalya, Turkey which was completed in 1999. This was obviously more in line with his career experience than handling rare metals. Then, in 2001, he came to America and created the Bayrock Group, a real-estate development company based in Brooklyn.

It was then that he hired Felix Sater and made him a part-owner and partner, and these two then got involved with Donald Trump. Continue reading “Trump’s Russia Ties”