TrumpRussia Investigation

This is Seth Abramson’s 200 tweet Thread on Trump Tower Moscow and how it sits at the heart the Trump-Russia scandal. This thread reveals the REAL story behind it. Please share widely.

This is what Mueller is digging into in part.  I still believe Trump was turned and toward Russian interest but his first wife and that’s part of what lead to this and why he psychologically tormenting Americans and radicalizing his base to anti-democracy illiberal bents.

On February 2, 2017, Kremlin agent and Trump pal Aras Agalarov announced the Trump Tower Moscow project was dead.
In announcing the project’s end, Russian media confirmed that the project had begun in 2013, and that there was only ever ONE project.
Agalarov did NOT announce the end of the project in June 2015, when Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States.
Nor could he have done so, as we now know, from Washington Post reporting, that the project was alive and active in both 2015 and 2016.
Just to underscore this: Trump was working on a real estate deal with a KNOWN Kremlin agent for SEVEN MONTHS while running for president.
And Agalarov didn’t claim the project had died simply because Trump had been elected president—but because Trump “couldn’t do any deals.”
Recall that—by Trump’s own public admission—as late as Election Day he did not believe he would win the presidency of the United States.
Trump thought that—on November 9, 2016—he’d return to being a non-politician private citizen free to do big international business deals.
So all of Trump’s historically pro-Russia foreign policy was developed at a time he thought he was making a pitch for Trump Tower Moscow.
To reverse his policy positions in office would be to admit that they’d not been formulated with U.S. interests in mind—a sad catch-22.
Recall now that—when he DID win on November 8—Trump for weeks resisted ANY attempt to shut down his business dealings at home or abroad.
He STILL hasn’t divested himself of his business interests in conformance with our Constitution, precedent, or federal ethics watchdogs.
So Agalarov waiting 85 DAYS after Trump’s election as president to announce the end of the Trump Tower Moscow project is no coincidence. Continue reading “TrumpRussia Investigation”


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